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Bear Hunts with Marshland Outfitters

Marshland Outfitters black bear hunting and waterfowl hunting is located in a remote area in north central Saskatchewan. The area is located within a two hour drive of the Saskatoon airport. Marshland Outfitters has access to unlimited acres of private owned farmland area and forest fringe areas. This region is well known for a large population of quality, mature (large), black and color phases bears as well as outstanding waterfowl hunting.

Marshland offers a five day hunt that is operated from one main camp providing efficient access to our large outfitting area. Typically, in the early afternoon our professional guides drive the clients to the hunting area and then transport the client to the tree stand using an ATV. During a hunt several different stand locations are utilized. Major variables such as wind direction and bear activity are taken into consideration when choosing the daily location for the client’s hunt.

Waterfowl Hunts with Marshland Outfitters
Marshland Outfitters operates its goose and duck hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada amongst endless harvested agricultural fields of pea's, wheat and barley. The countless bodies of water in this region provide the final ingredient necessary for staging unbelievable numbers of migrating ducks and Canada Geese, which equals fantastic hunting in Saskatchewan. With Saskatchewan's liberal bag limits and early fall seasons, our hunters enjoy and take advantage of, getting "first crack" at the Northern Migrating flocks of Canada Geese and Ducks. We're talking World Class waterfowling, not just Saskatchewan goose and duck hunting but anywhere. To ensure our clients success we use only top quality equipment and have experienced quality guides with excellent skills from setting up decoy spreads to working the flag and calls to finish and put the birds on “deck”. From the dry, warm and comfortable lay out blinds to our seemingly endless supply of modern full body goose and duck decoys we pay attention to the smallest of details, the most important of which is scouting. There is no substitute for doing one's home work and locating the best shoot around, and when you do.......... your shoulder let's you know! We're one of the most respected Saskatchewan waterfowl outfitters, experience for yourself.
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